Garrett Pasture Lane, Scituate

A home that had a cold area nearby the connected garage which was easily resolved with a simple single zone wall hung mini-split system.


Kelly Square, East Boston

This project included a coffee shop which was also utilized as a church on Sundays. The second floor of the building has seven studio lofts that all have single zone systems installed now.


Neponset Ave, Dorchester

This project was a multi-unit residential triple decker fully converted to condominiums. All units had ceiling cassettes installed to optimize the new  open concept design.


Highland Street, Canton

This home had a sun room which was too cold to occupy in the winter. A simple single zone mini-split system installation made it a family room year round.


Dana Street, Cambridge

A converted a multi-family building to condominiums. Each unit received ceiling cassettes in all conditioned areas, saving space and and eliminating the look of equipment on the wall.


West Milton Street, Hyde Park

An interesting project because it was a modular home. The indoor and outdoor systems came mounted to the modular build but were unconnected. Running the lines proposed a challenge but the end result was amazing.