There are three important key factors which account for the high efficiency of a ductless system. Please read more about the major benefits below.

1. Independent Control.

Ductless systems allow the user to control each heating and cooling zone independently, eliminating the costly issues of overheating and over-cooling common to central air systems. You no longer need to pay to heat or cool unoccupied rooms.

2. Greater Efficiency.

While central air systems lose as much as 30% of their efficiency through air leaks and conduction in the ductwork, ductless systems distribute heat directly to each zone, resulting in 25% greater efficiency.

Ductless systems use inverter-driven variable speed compressors that allow the system to maintain constant indoor temperatures by running continuously at higher or lower speeds. Thus, the system can ramp up or down without great losses in operating efficiency, avoiding the energy-intensive on/off cycling common in electric heating systems.

3. Improved SEER and HSPF Ratings.

Modern ductless systems have extremely good seasonal energy efficiency ratios, or SEER, between 16 and 22, and heating seasonal performance factors, or HSPF, that range from 9 to 12 or greater.

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